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Freedom to Love the Game
Monday, 14 June 2010 14:23

"She will not let the mind rob her of the subtle feelings of Joy for the game, that come as freely as leaves blown by the wind and are as easily swept away."  (adapted from an anonymous quotation.)

Have you wondered why golf can be so stressful at times? Begin by paying attention to your thoughts. I will call this expanded awareness. The first negative thought you have causes stress.

I have been paying attention to women on leagues, and in general, who become stressed by their game, by others they are playing with, and how hard a golfer can be on themselves when playing this brillant game.

Liberating oneself on the course will be a favorite topic this season.  One I am passionate about as well.  Golf mirrors life!  Find that freedom to play your optimum game.

There is a lot of fear lurking about on a golf round amongst it's players.  It just seems to come up for many a golfer and I don't mean just us women. Expectation and fear;  chilling words in regard to golf.  We lose power when we hold on to either, release it and take it back.

In which direction do you put your energy? Sometimes, it is easy to pick up other golfer's fears;  about moving too slow, taking too long before a shot, lost balls, hitting trees, you  name it.  Golfers can be hard on themselves and others during a round.  Good reminder:  we are always doing the very best we can in that moment during the round.

Love of the game is in the present!  The doorway to possibilities!  Take that new leap of imagination to what is possible.  Every moment, every shot can become the best in a golfers game.  Love every Shot!

Lighten up and have fun with your game.  Enjoy another chance at paradise with each new round you play.

Yesterdays game is gone~Tomorrows is not yet here~Live for this one today!

The purpose of Life is expanded happiness and freedom; as it is also in Golf !

The Ball knows everything. "Are you playing the game or is the game playing you?"   ( from Golf for Enlightenment.)

Happy Summer Solstice !

The Month of May and Mothers Day
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 07:00

Oh, how quickly the month of May becomes a memory and the memories of Mothers Day all tucked away for another year.  I am so glad my family enjoys a round with their "Mom golfer" on this special day.  This year we chose to play at Hidden Greens (voted City's Best), near Hastings...

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Thursday, 13 May 2010 15:12

Hi Golfers,

I am getting excited to play more golf and enter blogs here. The weather is looking favorable in the coming weeks.

Some of the topics I will enjoy writing about will be golf from a woman's perspective, customer service, on and off the course, the overall golf experience, being your own best friend on the course, and sharing some of my favorite golf tips!

Stay tuned and check back often. We may all learn something valuable about the important things in life in this golf season, together.

Let the swing happen!