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SoCal Golf Gal is equal parts sun, fun and golf. What better place to comment on what's happening in the world of golf than from a golfer's paradise. Read her musings on what do to in Southern California, what courses to play and other topics that tickle's a girls fancy. And yes, she's blonde.

Thursday, 27 January 2011 11:54

For all of you bearing the frigid weather out there somewhere (which appears to be most of the country), dreaming of manicured greens and the oh-so-sweet sounds of your driver perfectly connecting with your ball and a 15 foot putt plunking in the cup after perfectly maneuvering the break, please don’t hate me!  As I write this narrative, I am sunning on a SoCal beach in near 80 degrees brilliant sunshine in mid-February - - sorry - - but yet no!  As a native mid-Westerner, I feel your chill!  So rather than wallow in misery most of the year, I decided to live where I can play golf year round if I so choose.  But, if you are unable to move here, please visit and enjoy a few rounds!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I will chat about SoCal golf or golf in general.  It could be a general perspective of great places to play, news and opinions or that aspect of golf (or non-golf, for that matter) that is so important to a woman - - fashion!  Then again, as a former employee of Pebble Beach Resorts, I have witnessed the classy and also the very bizarre fashion sense of men so it’s not always a female subject.  Personal style is wonderful and if you’re going to disburse five Mr. Franklin’s plus a few Mr. Presidents for a round at Pebble, you should feel good and have fun doing it!

I am going to sign off for now to turn over and even out my tan, but I’ll be back soon!  Carpe Diem - - and the shot!

Sunset at The Links at Spanish Bay , Pebble Beach, Calif.