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Nebraska Governor Announces Golf Nebraska Program
Monday, 27 June 2011 21:13

In May, 2011 Nebraska's governor and avid golfer Dave Heineman announced the new "Golf Nebraska" program. Through the state's Division of Travel and Tourism and the Nebraska Section of the PGA, Nebraska wants to sell golf to the rest of the Midwest.

According to Stargolfer.com :

"With the internationally renowned Sand Hills Golf Club and highly ranked public courses such as ArborLinks, Quarry Oaks, Wild Horse, the Prairie Club and Heritage Hills, Nebraska can generate golf interest," Governor Heineman said.

The program calls for promotion of Nebraska golf in target cities of Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis; Kansas City, Mo; and Denver.

"Golf is a $260 million industry in Nebraska and we can do more with more people coming to play, stay overnight and play the next day, and passing the word along to friends," Heineman said.

An avid golfer since he was a boy in Wahoo, Nebraska and a member of the 1966 Wahoo state championship team, Heineman plays as often as he can. "I don't get to play much, but as governor I get to play throughout the state and I love so many courses," he said.

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