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Golfweek's 2011 Best Canadian Courses
Thursday, 14 April 2011 10:58

Canadians love their golf and for most of them, their season is shorter than those of us in Minnesota or Wisconsin (don't even begin to talk about North Dakota's season). So we took a look at the recent ratings from Golfweek and it seems that the mecca for Canadian golf is in Ontario.

According to the 2011 Golfweek's Best Canadian Courses , golf courses in Canada should be rated based on pre-1960 and 1960+ (I'm not sure why).  So of the 60 courses that were listed, 32 were in Ontario and for modern courses, the Top 5 were all located in the province.

The Top 5 Modern Courses (according to Golfweek) were:

1. The National Golf Club of Canada -- Woodbridge, Ontario (score 7.62) - Private

2. Devil’s Paintbrush -- Caledon, Ontario (score 7.58) - Private

3. Rocky Crest Resort -- Mactier, Ontario (score 7.33) - Private

4. Beacon Hall -- Aurora, Ontario (score 7.17) - Private

5. Muskoka Bay Club -- Gravenhurst, Ontario (score 7.13)

What's disappointing about this list is that only one of these "modern" Onatario golf courses (Muskoka Bay) is accessible to "hackers".

Check out some of these great courses, but also visit our blog to hear our take on how golf courses should be rated (we've completed 500+ and counting).

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  1. huh funny how it is only eastern courses in top 5.