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Duluth's Engler Park Golf Course Has Bert Enger to Thank
Friday, 05 February 2010 18:37

Enger Park Golf Course in Duluth, Minnesota, gets its name from major benefactor Bert Enger, a Norweigian immigrant that came to Duluth when he was 13 years old.  He made his many in the furniture business and died while vacationing in Honolulu in 1931.

According to an article from the Duluth News:


In 1920, Enger anonymously donated $50,000 to Duluth so the city could accomplish its longtime goal of condemning and purchasing the land that would make up Zenith Park and an adjacent golf course. But Mayor C.R. Magney refused to take the donation without the benefactor coming forward. So Enger ’fessed up, and when the golf course opened in 1927, it was named for him.

These are a couple of course photos taken from the website:





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