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Every Hacker Can Relate to This: Kevin Na Shoots a 16 on a Par 4
Friday, 15 April 2011 13:47

Every hacker has a day like this.  Professional golfer Kevin Na (ranked ?? in the world) had one really bad hold: a 16 on a par 4.

Unfortunately for Kevin a 16 on a par 4 is a record on the PGA Tour.

Yes my fellow hackers, sixteen strokes on a par 4 at the TPC San Antonio in Texas. Most hackers, after they've shot a snowman (8 strokes) or maybe even a 10, give up on the hole and just put something down on the scorecard.

We've all been there. Flailing away after puting a ball in the woods, the water, the rough or the bunker (or a combinational of all four).  We drive our first shot out of bounds. We take our provisional and stick it somewhere it shouldn't be. Then we muff two or three shots.  Now we're lying six and we can't even see the green.

This is just the kind of hole that Kevin Na had.  We've all been there.

See the video of his work of art HERE .

As of 4/15/11 Kevin Na's best finish on the PGA Tour in 2011 is 3rd at the Northern Trust Open and he ranks 28th in money leaders on the the PGA Tour.

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