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Arizona: Scottdale Sued for Investing in Golf Course

Posted by Golf Dispute Resolution
Golf Dispute Resolution
By way of background, I am an attorney who advises clients on how to avoid and resolve business disputes. I a...
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on Thursday, 25 July 2013
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The dynamic between golf club, local government and taxpayers is never easy, with decisions being praised or criticized based on the prevailing perspective of the moment.  Just last week, we wrote about one communi...
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Bucket List - "Arizona"

Posted by The Mobile Golfer
The Mobile Golfer
E. Nolan is a degreed journalist and the Senior Writer for the Hacker's Guide. His company position carries ma...
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on Sunday, 18 March 2012
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Who needs Arizona for Spring Break when it's 84 degrees on March 17th in Minnesota? What's the point of even having a "Spring Break" when it's nicer in Minnesota than it is in Pensacola, Myrtle Beach and even San Diego? Well...
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